1800 SERİES™


The body-mounted gasket features a jacketed “cage” and provides superior protection against gravel, pressure and the environment. In addition, the design of the pressure-activated multi-function gasket prevents water from flowing to waste, allowing more heads to be installed on the same valve.
Durable stainless steel recoil spring.
The durable, two-piece gear housing provides easy adjustment of the nozzle pattern and added durability.

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Spray Heads – Best selling spray head for 25 years!


1802/1803/1804/1806/1812: For watering smaller green areas, flower beds and shrubs
1804-SAM/1806-SAM/1812-SAM: For green areas, flower beds on sloping land or hilly areas
1804 – SAM – PRS/1806 – SAM – PRS/1812 – SAM -PRS: For green areas, flower parterres on sloping land, bumpy areas or areas that can be damaged due to external factors

Operating pressure: 1.0-2.1 bar Throwing distance: 0.6-5.5 m Flow by: 0 units at 0.6 bar or higher, 0.02 m3 otherwise

Bottom entry: 1/2″ female thread
Visible diameter: 5.7 cm

Main body height:
-1802:10.0 cm-1803:12.0 cm
-1804:15.0 cm-1806:24.0 cm
-1812-40.0 cm

Pop-Up Height:
-1802:5.0 cm
-1803:7.6 cm
-1804:10.0 cm
-1806:15.0 cm – 1812:30.0 cm


MPR-Nozzles: The flow rate is adjusted to different nozzle spray patterns
5 different Pop-Up heights
The spraying direction can be easily adjusted by turning the Pop-Up to the right or left
Durable stainless steel recoil springs
Adjustment screw that adjusts the flow rate and shooting distance
A wide choice of nozzles (sector, spraying and shooting distance)
Filter mechanism located under the nozzle post (supplied with the nozzle)
Side access on 1806 and 1812 (1/2″ 15/21) internal Thread series
1804 installed in the nozzle
– SAM/1804 – SAM – PRS/1806
– In SAM/1806 – SAM -PRS and 1812 – SAM/1812-SAM-PRS models, the SAM check valve kit remains closed at height differences of up to 4.2 meters
1804 – SAM – PRS/1806 – SAM – PRS and 1812 – SAM – PRS models installed inside the Pop-Up pressure regulator PRS (adjusted to 2.1 bar)
Dust cap shipped with Pop-UP TM, except model with 1803 15-VAN nozzle installed

1803 15-VAN assembly nozzle

PA-BS: 1/2″ plastic connecting piece used for assembly of MPR nozzles on vertical pipes with external thread
1800-EXT: Plastic extension tube that can increase the height of the Pop-Up up to 16.5 cm
A-1800: Adapter for Micro-Sprayer SXB and Micro-Sprayer XS in the 1800 TM series

SAM check valve (Seal-A-Mayic TM) prevents waterlogging in deeper irrigation areas

 Address delivery

In the case of payment by bank transfer, we individually agree on a delivery date after receiving payment.
Our own fleet consists of 3, 9, 12 meter vehicles.
Delivery of goods in the city of Baku is carried out when ordering from 200 kg. To districts and neighboring cities when ordering from 1000 kg.
Delivery of goods within 1-2 working days after payment.

Our transport


 Pickup from the warehouse

You can also pick up the goods from our warehouse in your own car.

 Payment by bank transfer

For corporate clients, we accept payment by bank transfer. After placing the order, an invoice for payment will be generated, which you can pay according to the details sent to your email address. The funds will be credited to our account within 1-2 hours after the payment of the order.

 Cash payment

If you want to buy goods for cash, it is better to call us by phone or write to the mail.
Thus, together we will quickly clarify all the nuances, cost and features of the product you are interested in.
Cash payment is made at the pickup point in our warehouse.
Upon receipt of the goods, be sure to check the completeness of the order and receipt.

 Non-cash payment method (bank card)

You can buy goods by non-cash payment method (bank card) at the pickup point in our warehouse.

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