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The TBOSTM/TBOS-IITM Control Module, along with the TBOS TM Lockout Solenoid, provides automatic watering in locations without electrical power. Ideal for a wide variety of lawn area applications such as roundabouts, detached gardens, road or curb landscaping, low volume irrigation, greenhouses, main valves.


Used to open and close valves equipped with a TBOSTM Lockout Solenoid.
Powered by just one high quality 9V alkaline battery (Varta or equivalent) type 6AM6 (international standard) or 6LR61 (European standard). Battery is not supplied with the product.
Resistant to humid and harsh environments – IP68 protection class: 100% waterproof and fully submersible.
Closed, waterproof battery compartment.
External, encapsulated infrared connector.
2 mounting slots.
The backup system continues the program for 5 minutes during a battery change.
An on/off switch can be mounted on the Control Module for the Underground Rain Shut-Off Device.
Active Rain Sensor stops watering immediately if it rains.


Watering program will not be lost after battery replacement (Connection of Field Transmitter is required only to set correct date and time).
With the IQ Cloud Platform Software, the Sensor Connection includes a Dry Contact sensor (rain) or a Dry Contact Flow sensor.
Main Valve/Pump cable connector on 2, 4 or 6 station Control modules.
1 to 14 days rain delay (even if connected to TBOS Control module by infrared)
Program level and general Monthly Seasonal Adjustment (cumulative); %0-%300 (1% increments)
Main VA and Rain Sensor can affect each station separately (Only TBOS-II Control Module 2,4 and 6)
A TBOS Backup program can be saved and restored to the Control Module (manually or automatically)


The following features are available on the TBOS-II Control module and the TBOS-II Control module equipped with the TBOS-II radio adapter.
Basic programming includes 3 independent programs A, B and C with 8 start times each day.
Five program-selectable cycle modes (Special period, double, odd, odd-31, periodic) for maximum flexibility and compliance with watering restrictions
Stand-alone station operation allows sequential start times (cluster processing in case of operation).
Stations can be assigned to several programs with different watering times.
Irrigation schedule from 1 minute to 12 hours in 1 minute increments.


TBOS-IITM Field Transmitter is required for programming
Three programs: A, B, C
Serial station operation in this program
Maximum cable length 10 m between module and TBOSTM solenoid using 0.75 mm2 cable
Compatible with TBOS-IITM Radio Adapter.
Equipped with TBOS-IITM Radio Adapter
The TBOSTM Control Module introduces new TBOS-IITM Features.

Height: 13.0 cm
Width: 9.5 cm
Depth: 5.3 cm

1 station TBOSTM/TBOS-IITM Control Module
2-station TBOSTM/TBOS-IITM Control Module
TBOSTM/TBOS-IITM Control Module with 4 stations
6-station TBOSTM/TBOS-IITM Control Module

TBOSTM Lockout Solenoid
TBOS-II Radio Adapter
RSD-BEx Rain Sensor
BAT9AL: 9V Alkaline Battery

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