Applications:For use in agricultural, horticultural, and portable water application systems.


  • Available in 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ diameters.
  • Maximum working pressure – according to the pipe diameter and selected start connectors.
  • Can be used as a transportation blank pipe or as a distribution pipe with integral connectors or infield assembly start connectors in all the pipe diameters.
  • Robust and durable reinforced polyethylene weaves.
  • Colored light gray for high solar resistance, high chemical resistance, and UV resistance.
  • The pipe is made of 100% polyethylene, totally recyclable material.Full line of branching connectors.
  • Black strip for easy identification

Features and Benefits:

  • Low expansion and very small axial elongation means that there is no snaking.
  • Flat and compact coil design reduces freight and storage costs.
  • Integral start connectors reduce significant labor time and increase confidence in the connections between distribution pipes and laterals.
  • Light and flexible, and can therefore be easily moved from one installation to another.
  • User-friendly and faster layout and retrieving process.
  • Complete package, pipes, full range of branching connectors, and a complete line of dripperlines and laterals.