The MiniAG is an affordable multifunction irrigation controller for small applications. It has 10 outputs with flexible configuration.
The MiniAG is specially designed for agricultural applications that require no volumetric information.Highlights & Benifits

  • Cost-effective product
  • Very simple to install, use and maintain
  • Can be ordered with the FertiOne™ Nutrigation™ system or as a stand-alone product
  • 10 flexible outputs that can be configured according to field application

Main Features

  • 10 flexible outputs configured according to field application
  • 3 digital inputs for different uses
  • The MiniAG has 3 different irrigation programs: A, B and C. Each program can be scheduled to start by time, and program C can be also triggered to start by dry contact sensor. The programs may run in parallel, as long as they do not create conflicts
  • The filter flush program is scheduled by program F. The backflush process is triggered by either a DP (differential-pressure) sensor or by countdown time.
  • Manual operation mode