5000/5000 PLUS SERIES


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The Ultimate Evolution in Rotor Performance, The World’s Highest Quality Rotor
A greener lawn with less water – Rain CurtainTM Technology nozzles provide superior water distribution

Faster application thanks to the MPR Nozzle set
Diversity is a diversity that can answer all types of applications.


Rain CurtainTM Technology
-Rain CurtainTM standard on all 5000/5000 PLUS rotors
Large water droplets resistant to wind
Effective short distance irrigation
Hear water dispersion along the entire shooting distance
– Nozzle tree with 4 low angle nozzles and 8 standard Rain CurtainTM nozzles (Uniform+) provides a throw of 7.6 to 15.2 meters
-Self-adjusting nozzle
Application and Maintenance
– Easy starting point adjustment thanks to Siip Clutch mechanism
-Quick maintenance with new self-cleaning angle adjustment screw
– 5000 Pus, thanks to the flow stop feature, the mechanism that prevents water from coming out during operation
-Easy angle adjustment with any flat head screwdriver
– The flow adjustment screw reduces the shooting distance by 25% without changing the nozzle
Design Solutions
– Optional in 5000 Plus series:
Stainless steel protection on SS models
Seal-A-MAticTM check valve kit (SAM) stays closed at floor differences of up to 2.1 meters
-5004 fuses are available in 10cm, 15cm, 30cm and SS (stainless steel body)
– Original 10cm, 15cm and 30cm pop-up height (measured from the body to the middle of the nozzle)
– Full round and full round rotation with angle between 400-3600 and return (currently a model capable of full angle rotation is also available)
– Thanks to MPR nozzles, it provides a balanced rain rate between 7.6 mt-10.7 m in design and application
– Facilitates the design process. Different angle and different diameter nozzles can be used in the same irrigation area using MPR Nozzles
-Standard rubber cap for extra protection. 5000 PLUS has a green head, 5000 Enhanced has a black head.
-Extra durability in residential and municipal applications thanks to the body designed for harsh conditions
-Hard-duty recoil spring
-Pressure-regulating multi-function gasket protects the interior from rust and secures the Pop-Up access hatch
-Additional O-rings and gaskets provide extra protection in sandy waters
-5 YEAR commercial warranty

Shooting distance: 7.6-15.2 m
DEbi adjustment screw shooting distance: 5.7
Pressure: from 0.17 to 2.19 m3/h
Nozzle exit angle: Standard rain curtain nozzles (RAin CurtainTM): 25 0
Low exit angle rain curtain nozzle: 10 0
Connection thread: 3/4 Internal thread

Pop-Up Height (From Lid to Center of Nozzle)
-5004/5004 Plus 10cm
-5006 Size: 15cm
-5012 Plus: 30cm
Overall main body height (in closed position)
-5004/5004 Plus: 18.5cm
-5006 Plus: 24.4 cm
-5012 Pius: 452.9 cm
Visible print: 4.1 cm

MPR nozzles provide a design that allows sprinklers to operate with different angles and radii within the same irrigation line. 5000 enhanced / 5000 Plus / 5000 Plus PRS /
UPG fits the rotors.

Angled models (PC) can be adjusted from 40 to 360 degrees
Full-round models (FC) operate only 360 degrees
5004-PC: Angle adjustable 5004
5004-PL-FC: Full tour 5004 Plus
5004-PL-PC-3.0: The desired angle is set with the pre-installed nozzle number 3.0.
5004 Plus 5004-PL-PC-SS-SAM-3.0: Angle adjustable, stainless steel covered pop-up with check valve and 3.0 pre-installed nozzle
5006-PL-PC: Switchable
5004-PL-PC-SS-SAM: Angle adjustable, stainless steel covered pop-up, with check valve
5012-PL-PC: Angle adjustable

Rotor Screwdriver

 Address delivery

In the case of payment by bank transfer, we individually agree on a delivery date after receiving payment.
Our own fleet consists of 3, 9, 12 meter vehicles.
Delivery of goods in the city of Baku is carried out when ordering from 200 kg. To districts and neighboring cities when ordering from 1000 kg.
Delivery of goods within 1-2 working days after payment.

Our transport


 Pickup from the warehouse

You can also pick up the goods from our warehouse in your own car.

 Payment by bank transfer

For corporate clients, we accept payment by bank transfer. After placing the order, an invoice for payment will be generated, which you can pay according to the details sent to your email address. The funds will be credited to our account within 1-2 hours after the payment of the order.

 Cash payment

If you want to buy goods for cash, it is better to call us by phone or write to the mail.
Thus, together we will quickly clarify all the nuances, cost and features of the product you are interested in.
Cash payment is made at the pickup point in our warehouse.
Upon receipt of the goods, be sure to check the completeness of the order and receipt.

 Non-cash payment method (bank card)

You can buy goods by non-cash payment method (bank card) at the pickup point in our warehouse.

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