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BUYER AGREEMENT (AGREEMENT) – all the terms and conditions set forth in this document in relation to online purchases;

BUYER – an individual or legal entity who orders / buys goods and services provided by “AS PIPE” MMC, listed on the site aspipe.az, through technical means and using electronic payments, and also agrees to the terms of this “Agreement with the buyer”;

SELLER – an individual or legal entity that sells its goods / services online on the aspipe.az website and determines the terms of sale and delivery;

PRODUCTS / SERVICES – Any goods or services featured on the Site;

ORDER – filling out the appropriate form on the site and sending it to the SELLER in electronic form, in order to receive goods / services from the site and deliver them to the address specified by the buyer.


1. The subject of the agreement is the purchase by the BUYER of goods / services displayed on the site for personal and other purposes and the possibility of using them in other forms. The terms of this Agreement apply to all goods and services currently sold on the site.

2. The SELLER ensures the sale of his goods / services personally through the site.

3. The BUYER who orders goods from the site declares that he fully agrees with the terms of this AGREEMENT.

4. Goods / services sold on the site, as well as the terms of sale are considered a general offer in accordance with Article 408 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

5. The purchase is considered completed if the BUYER has paid the cost of goods / services in any form (online / in cash) in exchange for a cash receipt or other document confirming the purchase.

6. By filling out the order form on the website, the BUYER does not object to the use of personal contact information by the SELLER. This includes sending the buyer various discount companies and other information in the future.

7. An order is a contract concluded between the BUYER and the SELLER.

8. The BUYER can use the services of the site at any time of the day, month, year, except for the days when technical preventive maintenance is being carried out on the asmetal.az page, as well as in the cases indicated below and in force majeure circumstances. The SITE or the SELLER shall not be liable if the BUYER suffers any losses for reasons beyond the control of the site and the seller.

9. If the goods presented on the site in the form of a balance of goods and ordered by the BUYER are not in the warehouse of the SELLER, the SELLER must change the order or cancel it at the request of the BUYER, notifying the BUYER as soon as possible. As a result of the cancellation of the order, the amount paid by the BUYER is returned to the BUYER’s account, deducting bank charges.

10. The SELLER is not responsible for failure to complete the order as a result of incorrect information provided by the BUYER.

11. After placing the order, depending on the distance to the BUYER’s address, the SELLER informs the BUYER about the date, time and other conditions of delivery of the order.

12. If there is an objective reason, the SELLER may unilaterally change the time / date of delivery of goods / services.

13. The BUYER may submit its complaints regarding delivery or other problems to the administration of the SELLER electronically or by phone.

14. Delivery of goods / services is limited only by the state borders of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

15. The order is delivered personally to the buyer and / or any person at the specified address.

16. The BUYER (or the person at the address) who receives the shipped goods must inspect the goods on site upon receipt of the goods. After checking, the BUYER (or the person at the address) signs the document confirming the delivery of the goods, and thereby declares that he has no claims to the goods.

17. For damage caused to the goods after the mutual signing of the relevant delivery certificate, the responsibility lies with the BUYER.

18. The SELLER may unilaterally apply a discount to his product.

19. The SELLER may cancel the BUYER’s order based on the following:
— if the BUYER unreasonably refuses to purchase any product 4 times in a row;
— If there is a suspicion of illegal purchases, as well as unethical behavior of the BUYER.
These actions should be understood not as discrimination of consumers, but as prevention of material losses of the SELLER.

20. The conditions for the return of goods are governed by the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights. If the goods are returned in cases not due to the fault of the SELLER, then the return costs are borne by the BUYER.

21. The SELLER’s offices operate during working hours in accordance with the requirements of labor legislation.

22. All disputes or claims arising out of or in connection with this Agreement, including its interpretation, performance, termination and invalidity, shall be resolved primarily through honest and amicable negotiations between the parties. If such a dispute is not resolved between the Parties within 5 working days, then the dispute is resolved by the relevant courts of the Azerbaijan Republic.

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