• The NMC Junior Pro is an economic and multi-function irrigation controller for small and medium applications. It is a modular controller with 15 outputs and flexible output configuration.
  • The NMC Junior Pro is designed to work in open-field or greenhouse applications.

Highlights & Benifits

  • A cost-effective product. Local PC software or mobile & web remote control by NMC Air.
  • A precise EC & pH monitor and control algorithm. Friendly & simple user interface, with a large graphic display.
  • Multi-language user interface. Sold with the FertiKit™ Nutrigation™ system, or as a stand-alone product.


Main Features

15 flexible outputs, configured according to field application:

  • Up to 15 valves – irrigation/cooling/misting
  • Up to 6 booster pumps Up to 1 main valve Up to 8 fertilizer dosing channels
  • Up to 3 agitators
  • Up to 15 backflush filter valves

Inputs for different uses:

  • 6 digital inputs for water meter, fertilizer meter and delta pressure switch
  • 5 analog inputs for EC, pH, 2 x temperature and relative humidity

Irrigation strategy, based on a dosing program, a water runtime program and an irrigation program.

  • The irrigation starts by either: time, conditions, VPD sum and radiation sum.

Filter flush program, started according to time and/or delta pressure (ΔP).

Cooling strategy, based on time and the actual temperature and relative humidity sensors.

Misting strategy, started at a scheduled time. This program can also be used as a simple timer program.