NetaFlex 3GFeaturing a state-of-the-art Open tank mixing system, Netaflex™ 3G provides very high level of dosing Precision and uniformity for greenhouses crops. A modular CE-compliant dosing system, Netaflex 3G easily integrates with multiple Netafim and third-party controllers and monitoring systems. Netaflex always injects a uniform quantity of nutrients and perfect EC&PH control.


  • Modular Nutrigation™ system
  • Wide range of soil/substrate applications
  • Built around a standard platform
  • Minimal investment requirement
  • Efficient water, fertilizer and energy consumption
  • Very large range of irrigation water capacities
  • Quantitative or proportional Nutrigation™ capabilities
  • Guaranteed EC and pH control
  • Almost completely maintenance-free Venturi operations – no moving parts
  • Highly accurate dosing channels
  • Fast and efficient Nutrigation™ recipe adjustments
  • Easy integration into existing irrigation systems, Netafim’s NMC, and third-party controllers
  • Multilingual system


  • Easy to install and maintain system
  • In-house developed offering
  • Covers all applications ranging from greenhouse in soil, to very intensive soilless media
  • Requires minimal investment with rapid ROI


  • Quick-action dosing valves
  • Wide range of integrated accessories and peripherals
  • High-quality components and PVC piping
  • Aluminum, corrosion-resistant frame with adjustable legs


  • Versatile flow capacity: from 0.1Ha to 10Ha
  • Up to 6* highly accurate 50-600 l/hr (13-156 gal/hr) fertilizer/acid dosing channels

* For applications requiring over 6 dosing channels, please contact Netafim*