Complete head control


Drip, Micro-sprinklers, Sprinklers and other irrigation system head.


  • All products/parts needed for installation and operation included.
  • Easy to use, assemble and operate.
  • Suitable for working with Netafim’s flexible pipes (PolyNet™ and FlatNet™) as well, due to the very fast response to pressure changes.


  • Designed to supply up to 150 m³/h.
  • Fast regulation minimizes the possibility of pressure peaks.
  • Can also be used/ combined with low pressure irrigation systems.
  • Filtration system is not part of the system head control. Filtration method and micron/mesh size are selected according to the water quality and emitters installed in the field.
  • The kit includes a valve to separate between the filtration system installed at head control inlet, and the other components of the head control.
  • Netafim™ product offering includes Nutrigation™ Kit and a Dilution Kit, both suitable for working with this head control.